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Industry: Construction

As an international company, Mace Operate provides tactical and strategical facilities management solutions to a wide variety of companies including Invesco and Emirates Air Lines.

In 2014, Dolphin IT Solutions successfully delivered an enterprise survey tool and BI reporting application, hosted on SharePoint Server, which additionally collated data from various external platforms including FSI Concept, a well-known facilities management platform for managing tasks.

However, in response to the pandemic, the requirements of the system grew, and the SharePoint elements were no longer relevant for the platform. Mace Operate asked us to completely rebuild our solution as a bespoke .NET application.


As part of the first digital transformation solution designed in 2014 for Mace Operate, called Macro at the time, Dolphin IT Solutions delivered a SharePoint 2013 intranet hosted on SharePoint Server, which included bespoke .NET webparts as per the client's requirements. However, as the business environment was changing, the solution had to be updated to meet the current requirements of the business.

As part of the new solution, .NET was not just used to develop a new set of custom webparts for SharePoint 2013. Rather, our experienced developers rebuilt the existing application in its entirety as a standalone .NET web application. Moreover, Mace required additional features to be implemented as part of the solution such as anonymity for client visitors (as Mace aimed to enhance the user experience and provide Customer Satisfaction Surveys), and Concept task management for suppliers.

The client also needed the new .NET application to be mobile-first, and support the use of QR Codes. Our experienced consultants included this and factored in potential security risks, mitigating this by making the password complexity requirements stronger, as well as adding in 2 Factor Authentication.

The new .NET solution is hosted as an Azure Web Application, with the data being stored in a single Azure SQL database. The application also interfaces with four on-premise Concept databases. The new system also allows users to upload photos to their surveys, which are stored in an Azure blob.

The whole system was delivered quickly in just under two months.